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Vibra-Stop Bush Kit

Vibra-Stop Bush Kit
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Vibra-Stop Bush Kit Available in 2 sizes; mid range to suit motors up to 115 hp & V6 range to suit motors over 115hp
NZ $0.00

Vibra-Stop Bush Kit
Available in 2 sizes;
Mid range to suit motors up to 115 hp
& V6 range to suit motors over 115hp

Verado Kit  to suit Mercury Verado Motors

Each Vibra-Stop Bush Kit contains:

  • 4 x Stainless Steel Cup Washers
  • 4 x Stepped Bushes
  • 4 x Aluminium Bushes
  • 2 x Backing Pads
  • 1 x Earth Lead and Stud
  • Up to 6 Anodised Aluminium Keys  (depending on outboard engine configuration) not included in pricing

Mid Range is NZ$543.00
V6 Range is NZ$612

Verado Kit is NZ$682
(incl GST)

Note: GST is only payable for NZ Customers

The Vibra-Stop Bush Kit is the ultimate in vibration reduction for outboard powered boats. Once in operation the Vibra-Stop Bush Kit fully insulates the outboard engine from the boat, it also forms a flexible or elastomeric mount between the boat and the outboard engine.  This flexible or elastomeric mount is where the vibration is dissipated rather than being transferred into the boat.

Nylons (cutting board type material) and/or wood are limited in terms of reducing vibration due to the mount still being rigid or hard mounted.

With outboard engine and stern-drive applications the biggest disadvantage is the outboard must push the boat through the water, this in turn means the engine mounts in the outboard engine are loaded and any vibration passing through the mount is transferred into the boat.

With outboard drive units there are three main components that directly attribute to increased noise and vibration levels; the first is the power-head or engine of the outboard motor;  the second is the gearbox and drive-shaft transmissions; and the third is the propeller.  Any one of these three can make a difference between a smooth and quiet engine and a harsh engine.

By using the Vibra-Stop Bush Kit a large percentage of vibration can be dissipated before entering the boat.  Aluminium is inherently a noisy material due to the nature of the aluminium material being so hard that a small amount of vibration in the boat will amplify throughout the boat.

Fibreglass boats will absorb vibration and resonance a lot better than aluminium boats but there are still significant gains to be made by using the Vibra-Stop Bush Kit on Fibreglass boats.

Suits outboard motors up to 300hp
Bushes available in 25mm, 40mm, 50mm,& 60mm.

When installing the kit it is vital that you follow all instructions that will be supplied with the kit , in particular note that the torque settings for the engine bolts are a minimum of 28ft/lb or 38nm or a maximum of 34ft/lb or 45nm, and after installation should be checked after the first 10 hours of use then all torque settings should be checked after  every 100 hours of use.

For Mercury Verado Engines 200-275hp the torque setting should be 38ft/lb or 50nm.

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